Condo 1

Finding Hotels In Red River New Mexico?

If you're traveling alone, or with friend or two, you can get a great deal staying at a hostel with this budget lodging option. Many hotels in Red River New Mexico offer more private, hotel-like accommodations nowadays. Red River New Mexico vacation rentals are an especially good value for groups because they generally provide more space as well as amenities for the price affordable than hotel rates. Our complex offers the biggest selection of the best rental lodgings with cost-effective price. Located in the heart of the city’s with an attractive view of the mountains, it’s an ideal starting point for a family adventure.

This Condo can be split into two condos, Condo 1A is two bedroom, two queens, two bath, living area, kitchen, washer and dryer. Condo 1B is two bedroom, two queens, two twins, one bath, no kitchen or Condo 1 is both combined. 

Condo 1-4 bedroom, 3 bath, kitchen, living area, washer dryer, sleeps 10-$175

Condo 1A-2 bedroom, 2 bath, kitchen, living area, washer dryer, sleeps 4-$115

Condo 1B-2 bedroom, 1 bath, 2 queens, 2 twins, sleeps up to 6-$60

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